Yes We Can...

But, truth be told, why should we? Does dirty talk sound more dirty on a dirty website?
Don't think so.
Might as well do it here then, eh?
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
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16 Responses May 4, 2011

i love you dude...........

*Thinkin' about ducks*

And I'm just checking in here now, too, Mother. Now that does sound CREEPY: "Mother, can you flash your boobs again."

Oohh... I missed that : (<br />
Can you... uhm... do that again, SuperMother? :D

Aww, sierra... ya know me luvs'ya when yer pretty toes get all curly *sigh*

Aww Jimmy, it's words like that, that keeps me adoring you!!! :D

Hey, I prefer a floozy on a damaged rug over a sourpuss on a crisp carpet ; )

Sorry Jimmy,,,,, :( I do that ALL the darn time.... I owe folks a fortune for damaged rugs.... It's the price one pays for being a Floozy, I suppose....

Hey! Watch my carpet sierra...!! You're curling holes in it again... :D

**feeling faintish**

Watch it now sunni... don't get the wires crossed... you'll short-circuit :P<br />
I'll probably have to hold you tight and use mouth-to-mouth then... *grin*

That's it!! It's all about the wavelengths!! I love it when you pull a concept out of my mind before I realized it was there!! See, talking "dirty" sounds like something icky and offensive....Now talking erotically, sexy, naughty, sensually or just flat out Horny-talk....drums up some "awesome" mental images for me!! :D It's the word "dirty" than only makes me think of taking a bath..... :D <br />
I have never equated sex as being, dirty, messy at times, but not dirty..... :D<br />
<br />
I'll now consider mud wrestling in chocolate pudding and throw a whole new spin on the word, "dirty"!!! :D

**visualizing wavelengths**

Aahh, sierra... one needs a mind which is partial to visualizing the talks in the appropriate images; images which speak directly to the endorphine factory in the brain...<br />
That's when talking "dirty" becomes quite the fun...<br />
Otherwise, it comes across as either offensive or just plain incomprehensible... hehehe...<br />
It's a question of sitting on the same wavelength : )

LOL @ BOTH of you! If both are having fun and smiling is it then "dirty" or just fun? Hmmmm, everything is tossed up in the air according to perspective, I suppose and being I'm a Floozy....welll that sort of speaks for itself.... Carry on....*Floozy wanders off to inspire others in Floozy-like ways*

Indeed Vignette... Now who's gonna start? Me, or you? :D