Yes We Can...

But, truth be told, why should we? Does dirty talk sound more dirty on a dirty website?
Don't think so.
Might as well do it here then, eh?
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump 46-50, M 19 Responses May 4, 2011

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i love you dude...........

*Thinkin' about ducks*

And I'm just checking in here now, too, Mother. Now that does sound CREEPY: "Mother, can you flash your boobs again."

Oohh... I missed that : (

Can you... uhm... do that again, SuperMother? :D

Well. I can flirt.

Flashed boobs.

Aww, sierra... ya know me luvs'ya when yer pretty toes get all curly *sigh*

Aww Jimmy, it's words like that, that keeps me adoring you!!! :D

Hey, I prefer a floozy on a damaged rug over a sourpuss on a crisp carpet ; )

Sorry Jimmy,,,,, :( I do that ALL the darn time.... I owe folks a fortune for damaged rugs.... It's the price one pays for being a Floozy, I suppose....

How do you talk dirty? I don't know how. giggles.

Hey! Watch my carpet sierra...!! You're curling holes in it again... :D

**feeling faintish**

Watch it now sunni... don't get the wires crossed... you'll short-circuit :P

I'll probably have to hold you tight and use mouth-to-mouth then... *grin*

That's it!! It's all about the wavelengths!! I love it when you pull a concept out of my mind before I realized it was there!! See, talking "dirty" sounds like something icky and offensive....Now talking erotically, sexy, naughty, sensually or just flat out Horny-talk....drums up some "awesome" mental images for me!! :D It's the word "dirty" than only makes me think of taking a bath..... :D

I have never equated sex as being, dirty, messy at times, but not dirty..... :D

I'll now consider mud wrestling in chocolate pudding and throw a whole new spin on the word, "dirty"!!! :D

**visualizing wavelengths**

Aahh, sierra... one needs a mind which is partial to visualizing the talks in the appropriate images; images which speak directly to the endorphine factory in the brain...

That's when talking "dirty" becomes quite the fun...

Otherwise, it comes across as either offensive or just plain incomprehensible... hehehe...

It's a question of sitting on the same wavelength : )

LOL @ BOTH of you! If both are having fun and smiling is it then "dirty" or just fun? Hmmmm, everything is tossed up in the air according to perspective, I suppose and being I'm a Floozy....welll that sort of speaks for itself.... Carry on....*Floozy wanders off to inspire others in Floozy-like ways*

Indeed Vignette... Now who's gonna start? Me, or you? :D

Oh my, I can only imagine the cyber highways filled to capacity - a gridlocked traffic jam, ala Los Angeles, when it comes to the dirty talk that is going on behind the scenes here at EP!

Yes, why go anywhere else?? lol