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i think it's music i hear. i'm always hearing something. i don't notice it until it stops, then i'm looking around to see who turned off the radio. i have actually went searching for the noise thinking i left a tv or radio on, and found nothing. i think it's weird. i don't mind it, since i don't really notice it until it stops. it's good to hear others hear stuff too, i thought i was just certifiably insane.

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Yep, get it all the time, it stops when someone else is there. Mostly it's the heater, and stops when I turn it off. My aunt had the same thing. Sometimes the music's awful, other times quite wonderful. All different genres. Rain on our roof sounded like guitars. 40s music seems to have been popular recently. I've heard dirt track racing, football matches, all sorts. One time I had a bad flu, and found I could change the sound (to something else) by turning my head. Most of it's music unheard before. I just wish I could write it down, or record it. I got harmonica music earlier this evening, also got some pop, and lately, I try to change the way the tune goes and I can. Some people who get this maybe picking up radio waves, but for my part, I'm fairly sure that I'm mildly bonkers. I had the 'in head' conversations too. I can only roughly read music, but I'd really like to know more. so I can transcribe it and play it again. Some of it's glorious, there was one classic type piece, that reminded me of layer upon of swan feathers. I was amazed that I must be responsible for it!

I hear music like a tape playing the same song over and over. It will start suddenly and stop suddenly. I have been awakened at night with loud music like someone just put on a tape to play. I sometimes hear people talking not to me they are just having a conversation between them. Do I have some kind of brain disorder?

I've been getting the same thing for the last couple months. I hear it when I'm laying down to go to sleep, and then all of a sudden it feels like the radio is on somewhere. Its like muffled noise of People talking then some music exactly like switching through radio stations. I have no idea what it is. I've ruled out an outside noise or neighbor. I've also noticed that over the past Year quiet noises would bother my more, and I could hear things outside that nobody else seems to be able to hear.

i think I messed up w/ trying to post...Anyway,I am so glad I am not ALONE!I hear radio stations,they are always mellow,and no bass.But really nice music.Also;I hear complete conversations in my head when Im very relaxed,people talking about every day things!a man and woman,or a group of people out to dinner,I even get names once in awhile.It made me think I was crazy,but they are not "telling'me what to do,they are not even talking to ME!!Sometimes it sounds like Im in a room full of people,or at an office,or even a grocery store,and I can hear their separate and distinct answers.I wa stold by a psychic that I was a death"" walker""20 yrs ago.but this all just started about 6 months ago,and no one is dead!LOL Thank God(that is a whole other story!good to know I am not crazy,I also have many spirits here so maybe they are just having casual conversation.And like I said,only when In very relaxed,right before sleep,when I am meditating,and now it seems to disrupt that, I just listen?....GOOD NIGHT ALL,IM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE! :)

When the hvac is running or any small heater/fan is running I too hear either radio stations or tv programs... Mostly songs I can rarely discern except genre. Glad I googled this!

Hello All

For the past two or three years I have on occasion been woken up in the middle of the night by what I thought was my radio alarm. However, I found the alarm was off and I too use a white noise machine to sleep at night. At first I thought it was metal coils in the bed picking up radio signals, however ever time I heard the radio there was no music that I recognized (it had a DJ and everything saying you are listening to JPOA...) When I turn off the white noise machine the radio turns off. Just read an article about how the brain takes random firing of the mind and puts in into higher thinking such as music. So what I got from the article is that the white noise is being translated by the higher thinking of our brain into something discernable. Just like you all, thought I was loosing it. Have a good night :)

Add a response...I hear a man singing song it's a sad song even when I am out what those this mean.

You have tuned into a radio wave frequency. It is happening more because of all the towers around us and WiFi.

I thought I was the only one. I hear music in running water. Sometimes it's like that spa music and sometimes it's classical. Only instrumental songs. I very glad to know this happens to others and I'm not crazy. Thanks everyone for posting your experiences.

This just happened to me today that is why I have googled it. My husband had left for work and I was having a lie in bed. I fell asleep then I woke up to the sound of very quiet singing and music. It was a man singing and I sounded like a very old romantic slow song a little like the 30s or 40s. I checked the radio in the room to see if hubby had set an alarm to wake me however it wasn't on. Laying just resting I then heard a violin play which freaked me out a bit. After that I heard very clearly in my head a young boy singing to music 'where is love' from Oliver.
Obviously started googling as its worried me.

I have heard ballroom music, country music, and just today I am hearing a almost like elevator music. I started researching it and found it is coming from the WIFI frequency waves. What you hear depends on what wave you are attune to.

I have a Homedics sound spa and when I play the waterfall effect which essentially sounds like white noise I sometimes hear short repeating melodies. At first I thought that the music was built into the recording but after several months of never hearing the same melody twice I decided it was something else. Strange

is there anyone from london in this thread who has had this experience and would like to give an interview? I am hoping to make a short podcast discussing the Radio Frequency Effect and would like to hear about people's experiences

I am in the U.S. but I think it is great to get this out there and heard. With so many cell towers and WiFi all around us these days, it is becoming very common but people are afraid to talk about it because they think everyone will think they are crazy. I started picking up on frequencies back in 1999.

i often hear like a weird buzzing but its as if there are multiple buzz sounds going on at the same time I occasionally do hear music though but I have learned to dismiss it as a song stuck in my head. Im pretty unsure what to classify it as. could someone please explain the diffrence

The buzzing is called Tinnitus, you can do a quick Google search to find out more about it. But the music is radio frequencies that you are picking up on.

When I was a young child I would hear a radio in the distance. My mother heard the same thing. I would ask her what this was and she would say 'maybe it's the powerlines buzzing'. I spent hours under those powerlines trying to figure out why they sounded like people talking. We would also hear a phone ringing. When I was in 4th grade my parents built the house that they are living in now and we moved just down the road from that place. We never heard it again and never talked about uncle retired and moved back to our home state. He built a house on that site. Just before construction was completed and they were ready to move into the house my aunt came down to mom's and was telling her about this strange radio playing off in a distance when they were inside this new house. My mother mother never said a word, just listened. My aunt then said, 'and there is something else that is very puzzling........At this point my very quiet and unpretentious mother said, "You hear a phone ringing when there is no phone". My aunt was shocked. She asked my mother how she knew. My mother then told her that she had heard these sounds the whole time that she had lived in that house..........This is the same mother that tried to dismiss these sounds when I would question her as a child. As an adult I now see that she had no explanation to give a 9 year old child. Now, this was back in the 60's. Not a lot of high frequency stuff like today. We never knew what those sounds were.

Like around 1990 I was sitting in my parents living room no tv or radio was on and the speakers they had in the room like jvc 12" went real loud like a truck driver talking or something and all the levels lit up on the stereo system. I couldnt understand what was said and it was like 4 or 5 seconds long real quick but weird before most people had cell phones but the stereo was off . Anyway the same thing just happened in my head not as loud but real weird.

About a week before Christmas my HK AVR home theater was plainly playing Christmas music. The HK was off, rather in sleep mode, Frosty the Snowman and others plainly recognizable. Not loud.

Later, when the furnace started it was louder and what started was unrecognizable. Just tubas and horns that just cycled.

The HK sits 20 feet from the furnace. My other Mac sits 40 feet aways. The new thing is that when the furnace is off music is play and it is 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'.

The final bit of weirdness is at home and at work I can hear Sinatra and Perry Como. No HK AVR at work and my headset was turned off.

In all cases I could not pinpoint the source.

What now happening is I hear what sounds like a banjo and guys talking real fast the an older guy starts what appears to be a sermon.

This started all a week before Xmas and I suspect my dog is experiencing the music in the head. She wimpers and gets as close as possible to me.
I did find 6 shots of vodka help.

sometimes when i lay in bed at night and nothing at all is on i hear things and i always say to my wife do you hear that? and she always says hear what?.. the best way for me to explain it is like the faint sound of a radio but not music more like am talk radio or a sports game but i can never make out what they are saying.. iv started to call this the weather/radio man.. but one time i was focusing on it real hard cuz i wanted to hear as best as i could and it started small and turned into a large loud ohm sound like a million monks were in my room

My kids are in school and my 2 yr old is asleep in his crib. As i walked into my kitchen i heared Classical music coming from my boys room where the baby sleeps. As i got closer, it was coming from inside the room. It was not faint enough to be coming from outside but loud enough to be inside the room. As i walked into the room and stand in front of the t.v wondering if its the t.v, the music stopped. I picked up the ipod it was off, the t.v was off, no other music toys in the room that would possibly be on. I've experienced other things throughout the years, like seeing Father-in-law standing in the hospital hallway while his dead body was in the hospital room, i heard voices in my head telling and guiding me through my life decisions. Starting to wonder, if i'am a sensitive? To many psychic like encounters, it started by me years ago reaching deep into my subconscious and mastering how to reach and clarify my soul, crazy huh? you should hear the things i've experienced after that....

Oh my gosh! I am so glad I found this! This has happened all my life and I used to look for the source of noise (usually music). I eventually just dealt with it. Wow. I am glad I am not the only one. It seems if I have had several drinks it gets mors intense.

I have had this happen for about 20 years...I thought too I was going nuts.. I too have Mercury Fillings as well as a fan in my room. I only hear this when I am laying down in bed. I just hear radio stations nothing else

I'm so glad to have come across this! I truly thought I was going crazy! I hear music or conversations while my bathroom fan or AC is on. Not to long ago my daughter asked me if I heard music, we were hearing the same song describing the tune to one another. Truly thought somebody must have a radio on outside. When the fan was turned off, the music went away. I had no idea humans could pick up low frequency radio waves. Makes sense as the genre of the music we hear seems to alternate between rock & country. When we hear people talking it is very difficult to make out the actual words. I don't think I will be sharing our "gift" outside of here, I don't want to be labeled a lunatic but I was questioning my sanity for awhile!

I am profound and hear the orchestra upbeat music...and it wont stop!...and about a year ago I heard like a radio broad caster but it was like foreign language.....I cant understand any of it.....and I also thought it was from me going nite when im tryin to sleep thats when it bothers me....nobody has mention a cure ...if there is one please me know..thanks.

oh thank GOD!!!...i was raised in a heavily religious family, so naturally im like "oh crap, voices...DEMONS BEGONE!!!" after narrowing it down to my ac i knew it had to be some type of my question is...what percentage of people does this affect, what are the requirements ?..and does this mean we have a one up on those who cant ..can we advance this "gift"?

People have known for years the government is aware that people can hear Low Frequency Radio signals and some could hear GWEN which was a nuclear war warning system. People have worried that governments would use it for mind control and brainwashing. Not everyone in the world has the genetic ability to pick up the radio signals. They have known since the Navy Project SEAFARER that used low frequency waves to communicate with submarines that people can pick up the sounds in their sub conscious and for some humans and animals it caused their head to explode.

The only way to stop getting radio waves is to destroy the nerves in the inner ear and cause deafness. I know this because I had the problem with radio signals and took a medication for water retention called Furosemide (generic for Lasix) and it had the side effect of hearing loss. I lost 50% of my hearing but it almost cured the ability for the radio signals to reach my brain. I can hear it out there but I can’t make out what they are saying. They can’t get to me anymore.

There was a big problem between 2001 and 2006 when both military and terrorist were accessing systems sending out radio signals that were damaging people. It was like torture. They combined a GPS tracking device with their communication system and when I was tracked it caused severe pain in my upper thighs on my lap while driving. When I laid in bed sometimes I would get severe pain in my legs for no reason. It helped to move around a lot because if you just sat there the signal became stronger and caused more pressure in the brain.

No government will acknowledge they have such top secret projects so there is no point in talking about it because they will just call it a conspiracy theory. People laugh at those who tried tin foil hats but at least they tried something to protect themselves. It’s like any pollution that can be harmful to one in some way. It can damage the brain, cause pain and even death that they would consider natural causes.

At first you will hear songs that are familiar to you and then if your lucky enough to get picked you will start hearing songs you have never heard before, foreign music and bazaar sounds and voices. There are a lot of people out there that have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia that also know the problem is coming from radio signals and/or satellite. The military don’t fool anyone but people have not found a way to make them stop. People have to live with being stereotyped as crazy and dangerous because the government wishes to play games with people’s lives. And who is to say that it’s not the military that screws with people’s heads and causes them to become domestic terrorist like Sandy Hill and Aurora Movie Theater.

@ amylea72 the same thing happens to me but once it stops my body jerks up and my sleep is gone. It is really hard to fall asleep without any sort of medication or tea. Ifanyone knows how to make it stop I'd be glad to listen to any suggestions.

What happens to me is, it sounds like a room full of people, different conversations all at once. With music playing in the background... they keep talking and the music keeps playing, the only thing is, when its doing this, its totally quiet in my room. Nothing is on. It freaks me out sometimes, and other times i can be driving and I hear someone close to my head whispering. The only person that knows this is my husband.

I am so glad I found your post I haven't told anyone and the same exact thing happens to I me like when I'm driving and the whispers and the radio won't even be on or the sound of music or a group of people talking but I can't understand what they are saying and ill be all alone when it happen and it will be quite it freaks me out

Im so glad that I found this topic, I totally thought I was losing it, lol. Lately though, my mother and sister have been experiencing similiar phenomena. Personally, I use a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea, a condition in which one stops breathing, usually during rest or sleep. C.P.A.P. stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and its a device that works similar to a vacuum cleaner, so it promotes a steady but mild Air sound. When this device is on I hear all types of Music, choir, rock, chimes, your name it. I rather enjoy it so I am not concerned about it too much. I also hear sounds such as cicadas, a crackling sound that sounds like a computer accessing its drives and various other sounds. My wife has admitted that she also hears music sometimes. When I turn off the CPAP machine, the sounds go away, go figure! It's worth mentioning though, that I also have heard music around the house when the CPAP is off and when trying to find it's source, none can be found. I suppose we All should just Relax and Enjoy this phenomenon comforting ourselves in that we have company and are NOT losing our Minds. My mother and sister will be very glad for me to share this mutual finding with them. Thank You!

I'm glad I found this thread! It's nice to know there are other people experiencing this too. I hear music in static and in running water. It's mostly 1950's music, but sometimes other music and sounds come through. It's weird, but I like it.

Soooo how do you fix iit if noting is new or different... and one day you just hear a radio station?

anyone else get other phenomenon? i do. most people i know either dont at all or also have a bunch of weird happening

It's 5am and I've been sitting by the fish tank for an hour trying to work out where the rock music is coming from, is it really the fish tank?? Yep, just turned the filter off and it's stopped, back on and it's back. I've always been sensitive to noise from electrical equipment so maybe it's linked.