Music In My Head

Ok, this is kind of hard to explain, but when I want to I can hear original music in my head - with the instrumentation of an orchestra or band or whatever. I can control it, but sometimes the harmonies just come to me. It's so weird. Maybe everyone does it, who knows. :D ~M~
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2007

I do that too. It's really weird because i'm 13 and i never listen to classical music, ,but i can make songs up in my head. I do it sometimes during class when i'm bored or something. I figured out i could do this because in my dreams i could hear background music, but it was original. And also it's not always classical, sometimes it's techno or rock. I can make up and beat or sound i want, i'm just not good at the lyric part. I've been trying to look into this because i find it pretty intriguing.

Me too! Hi5. I think I should start composing and song-writing too. I always wake up with songs in my head that I like :)

ok this may sound wierd... i hear original music as well. I can control it, but usually I don't want to because I like hearing what "plays" without my input... although I sometimes i deliberately change the genre. Many times I've woken up with some original music going round and round my head, so I have to write it down. I've composed quite a few pieces in this way.

you should write it down, maybe you are a musical genius!