The Ever Growing Flow Of Information

This is something anyone can experience and will like all experiences explain in their own way. I can only hope you take the time to understand this one persons passion within the voice the world has.

anonymously - The most powerful thing introduced to allow the voice of the world to be heard. This experience in particular comes from the impersonation of another. Not in the fact of stealing someones existing identity but that of hundreds upon thousands and even millions of people make the identity of someone who was never really there. If your at all familiar with what a Vocaloid is, you will understand this quickly. A Vocaloid is a character made with a synthesized human voice that is capable of pronouncing enough in their granted native tongue to be able to sing. There is a lot more work then simply writing lyrics and giving life to this virtual singer. There is a lot more to this experience then just some extreme fascination with a Vocaloid. Its about the people behind them that make what has become tens of millions of songs to just scrape the top of an iceberg. These people whom with something they do not feel ashamed of with something that they can use as a front for them selves now openly expressing how they feel. It may be fake in the sense it is not their own voice and it is not their own face that you see. However its possibly one of the most real things you can obtain from anyone. In real life, social networking, video sites anything that might associate a person with their own image and self is filled with blocks. The barriers we unintentionally build to keep people from exploiting us and hurting us. With the ability to have a different self people are much more honest and much more understanding. There are not questions about what one might or might not believe here as I go through dozens of songs at a time. There is only what they want to truly express in away that real life has made impossible. Most of the internet attempts to make impossible. The most honest people I have ever met are people whom openly hide the biggest of facts about them selves. No one needs to know your gender, age, location or anything to understand that the song you put together with a Vocaloid the music you use is a powerful voice. Not only is it an individuals voice but a shared voice. As things happen in the real world and we keep to our selves about it yet it effects so many of us it is openly expressed through these songs. The concerns the confusion the stress anything and everything someone feels about it can be found in there songs they make. The internet gave birth to global communication and it is not social networking which will bring people to a common interest. People who feel a need to cling onto personal identity to make a statement only want it to be related to them as if it could not happen to anyone else as if the way they experience it is not even remotely similar to what anyone else could go through or has. As sad as it may seem to some there are other forms of being anonymous which are often looked at as being bad however ultimately these are people expressing them selves with full honesty. They just never had a chance to soon enough to avoid becoming bias and bitter. Many unable to overcome their personal views to look at and possibly relate to another persons view. I may also sound hypocritical now going on about views and bias but I am open to everyone's word and what ever anyone might say be it in a Vocaloid song or in person. This is but one story about one thing and I can only hope many others with similar stories or perhaps different opinions can contribute to prove just how power the voice of being one among many can actually be.
sintobus sintobus
Aug 29, 2011