I Feel Isolated

I'm not to sure when it all started but it was when I was about 9 or 10 years old I always got bullied at school and I used to hate myself for not fighting back but I didn't no what to do I wanted to tell someone but I knew it would make things worse anyway I started useing a spirit board and spoke with many different spirits and I not sure if this was the start of everything but it all seems to go back to this point 1 day I was doing the spirit board is been bullied all day at school and I just wished there was some way for me to get my own back and a spirit said it could help and the glass tipped over the next day and ever since the bully came upto me and the only thing I remember is standing over him then I started hearing a voice in my head but the past year iv been hearing multiple voices when I'm around people and its not what the are saying iv been to see a psychic but he seemed pretty freaked out himself all he really managed to tell is that iv got a bad aura and I'm not alone I'm not a bad person atleast I don't think I am the other weird thing is I can talk to people and before they even reply I can say what they where going to say back to me it freaks them out and before my phone rings I here it ringing then pick up the phone and then it starts to actually ring or another instance was at work I said to my colleague to open the door the boss is coming but there was no possible way I could no I just said and she opened the door before he even knocked I must admit sometimes it feels good to be able to these things but I can't control what I'm hearing everytime I go out or I'm around people and not talking I have to put earphones in because its just unbearable and it feels as if people look at me differently I'm not sure weather its a blessing or a curse I don't no what to do anymore I just feel like I can't talk to anyone because they won't think I'm normal it gets to the point that I just want to kill myself
nurarihyon nurarihyon
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012