My Ex Husband Didnt Even Let Me Have My Kids For Mothers Day Weekend!!! (decree/ Document/ Signed Papers)

Parent Alieniation by EX (Mothers Day & didnt even get a gift SAD!)

Didn't even get a gift from my kids! (Mothers Day was sad!!! )

Didnt even get a gift from my kids (Mothers Day was sad)

I sacrifice everything so my kids can have a good life
By that , I dont mean that i do without clothing or needs, but I do put their needs far above my own
To this respect, my ex spouse has ground in to their tender minds that I as a Mother do not count, I dont matter
I put them on this earth because I love children! I didnt even get as much as a card from them! He spent my whole complete holiday ignoring me , my calls and I got the blessing of them being dropped off early sunday morning. No gift, No Happy Mothers Day, Not even a hand written card!

This is the most disrespectful thing you could do to a Mother or ex. IF you love and respect your children, DONT turn them against your ex! Its going to jump up and bite you in the *** , down the road! Mark my word for it.

I would never even think of doing this to my ex . Even after this, I wouldnt hurt my children like this. Not even at the expense to see him writhe in pain and misery.
To hurt my children is the worse thing in the world. I cant even believe a person can stoop this low. In my eyes, they arent even a person , or deserving of my children, or even deserving to be CALLED a person.
But I will not stoop to his level

They say you cant change an animals wild destructive ways, You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink, You can make a control freak go to meetings but you cant force him to change, you cant keep a dog from eating his own vomit.
However what you can do is continue to nurture and love the children I put on this earth as a loving caring nurturing Mother that he tries his damnest to discredit. It will never happen.

I hope all the rest of you had a blessed eventful joyous Mothers Day ! and may you have many more!

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May 14, 2012