Attempting to Hold 4 Pints

4 imperial pints = 2,268ml of beer.  Lager in my case.  Try drinking that much alcohol, or any liquid, over a couple of hours, in public, and see what effect it has on your bladder.

I tend to measure the feeling of fullness on a ten point scale, where 1 is "just had a pee" to 10 is "I am so full I can't believe I haven't wet myself already".

The first 2 pints never even register in my bladder, generally during the third I start to need to go, maybe a 3 rising to a 5 by the time I've finished it.  I never usually get beyond a 5 in day to day life because I can't be seen to fidget in my job.  But if I'm practising in the pub I'll push it to the fourth pint, sometime about an hour and a half after getting there.  A pint every 30 minutes is quite slow by British standards!  And the need to pee always continues to rise.  I can usually make it to the end of the 4th pint without fidgeting or showing outwards signs of needing to go, but will be struggling to hide it.  About a 7 or 8. 

Then I try to walk home, and by the time I'm home it'll generally get to 8 or 9.  By this time I can't stand still, can't hide the need to go at all - and I generally chicken out, at least 45minutes short of my 3 hour target.  I need someone to help me hold on the last, frantic, 45 minutes!

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Four pints is a lot to hold! I recall one time when I had ten 12-ounce beers before peeing, but I think I was somewhat dehydrated at the time. Eating salty snacks will also delay a full bladder, and some people have "slow" kidneys. My kidneys are usually pretty prompt, and after four or five beers I have to wee! I may make it past the sixth, but then I'll need a clamp on my **** to keep from ******* my pants. <br />
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But as soon as I stop drinking, my kidneys slow right down. An hour after I've stopped I'm all pissed out, and I can sleep through the night and into the next morning uninterrupted by the need to pee.

That is superb. How long can you hold a pee without any beer? I can usually hold about 4 pints. Let me know.