Night At Skating Knowing His Secret

The guy I like's secret is he loves seeing girls very desperate to pee (but he's not into peeing) anyway we went skating and I didn't go pee for a while and i kept drinking water at skating i and him had a fun time skating at the end He bought me a grape gatorade and he walked me home, I drank the gatorade and I really had to pee, the best part was when i got home noone was there so i decided to let him in and show him how much i had to pee. While we were at my house alone he ran the tub water and he said just out of curiousity are your feet tickleish and i said yah (my socks and shoes were off and i was laying infront of the bathroom door in my room) cause i really had toi go and he felt my stomach first and he said your really full, then he pressed my stomach gently and a squirt of pee came out and i continued to hold my pee then he started tickling my feet and then he started tickliing my sides and turned up the tubwater and continued tickling me then he stoped after a few minutes. Then he said I know what will do the trick and get you to pee. Then he said I heard a rumor you like a guy at school who is he? Then I said umm ummm, then he said ok you apparently don't wanna let your secret out so lets talk about him, then i said ok he has great hair, eyes and his smile is cute and i continued talking about him, then he said ok imagine he's doing this then he started stroking my neck and masaging my shoulders then he said imagine him saying theses things to you, then he started whispearing things and then i just couldn't hold it any more (but i kept trying) A few more squirts came out. Then he said don't resist it let it loose then he lightly pushed on my stomach again then i just peed a whole lot of pee, then he said wow thats alot of pee this guy has a huge affect on you, then i said yah he does and we continued talking=)
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nope lol that's what made it so fun=)

So am I understanding correctly that the guy Riley you like just talking about him makes you have to go pee super badly or has that effect on you to some degree or am I confused lol