14 Hours ;)

Today was a beautiful day, I held in my pee for well over 14 hours, I could count it exactly but I like to leave the mystery ;)

I was waiting for a friend to finish work so I could go over & have some wetting fun.
I was getting incredibly desperate & still had about 3 hours to go.
The only way I was getting through this was if I let out a little bit. So I decided to have a shower & get ready but whilst in the shower I let a little bit out ;)

A few hours more had gone by & it was time to head over to my friends.
I literally got there still absolutely busting to me.

I sat around for about half an hour & then he had to pee too :)
He got so desperate he couldn't hold it in any longer. So I headed off to the shower, took all my clothes off & stood there staring at him with a look of pure desperation & amazement on my face.
I was in control of him so he was waiting for my command.
I finally gave him the go ahead & his warm golden **** was showering my naked body head to toe. I was instantly wet & not only from his urine ;)

I was busting to go at this stage so after a quick rinse off in the shower it was my turn ;)

He sat down on the couch & I sat on top of him, He gave me the go ahead so I let my warm golden flow explode out of me onto his semi hard penis. It was the most amazing feeling & he was instantly saturated.
By this time we hit the shower to clean up a little. I absolutely love sitting on the floor of the shower having his hard penis right by my face ;) It's always in the perfect position for me to suck on it ;)

Plenty more happened after that but i'll leave that to your imagination ;)
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