Longer Than You Think

Sometimes I have to pee so bad I'm sure I'll wet my pants before I have a chance to go, but generally I will make it. The only exception is when I step into my house and head for the bathroom. With relief so close, I sometimes start to pee before I get there.

But usually, I think most of us can hold our pee longer than we think we can.
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

I think most of us can hold our pee a lot longer than we think we can.

True, but there comes a point, at least for me, where it does start to dribble out and once that happens its game over. I have been impressed on many occasions when I made it high and dry even though I thought I was about to humiliate myself.

For me, the "beginning of the end" is when my bladder contracts and I can't prevent a spurt into my briefs. The one spurt becomes a series, and I can't stop it until I've soaked myself pretty well. But like you, I've often been pleasantly surprised that I could hold it in as long as I did.

That's exactly the feeling. I also understand the probl of getting too close to the porcelain or even just unzipping to take an emergency leak I a ditch. Once you know you're about to go. Damn, it can get damp quickly.

My bladder can anticipate relief just a few seconds too early! Well, that's why God made washing machines.

Too bad more people don't test that theory!

I'm the same, it's psychological.