What is the best way to hold pee in?
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5 Responses Aug 24, 2014

If I rub myself to climax, the pee urge dissipates.

Grab yourself with your hands? :)

i try to drink much and go on toilet much for a few hours. On a point, i stop going on toilet and wait, ho long i can hold it...usually shorter than just holding it ;)

How did your hold go or are you still holding it all in? :)

I figured that you had. How long did you hold it for?

Hi blackberry8250/ great to meet you here,via EP,and see your urgent need to wee :) Is it still holding?Maybe sit on your bed or chair,and use your pelvic floor muscles...to hold back your desperate need to pee :)
Hope that helps a little? :)

Aww bless that's cool :)