It's Just So Useful!

Ok, some of you know me by now, others maybe not, but you will soon =3

Like most women, i keep my phone snug and within reach, plus i can tell when mine is ringing.

I set it on ring and vibrate, cause once I couldn't hear it (got muffled by my cleavage), but I knew where it was thankfully =D

Among other things, i've held a kitten and a puppy, an egg, pencil/pens,a microphone, glowsticks,wiimote,gameboy,my ipod (although kept switching songs), a lighter (though i don't smoke) and sneaking in candy to movies XD

Also, car keys and my credit card, two things that are pretty darn important in my life XDDD

madammimi madammimi
22-25, F
6 Responses May 13, 2010

sounds great:) add me pls

I wold love to put some things between them. about my niner ???


What about getting together, not physicaly, to design a "clip in puch" for carrying stuff. <br />
Somthing that clips to the bra, has som padding so its breathable. Hate sweating on cell phone, <br />
Kepts things organized. <br />
<br />
BTW - women have carried imptant items in bra only to find out the salt in sweat runins the ouside covering. <br />
<br />

hi there love your big breasts!! we need more like you with your attitude!<br />
<br />
this may seem weird but I'm stalking my son on here because he thinks i'm ashamed of him, but I love my son. <br />
<br />
could you do me a favor hun?<br />
<br />
He's going through some hard times and I'd love for you to put a smile on his face! He's got such an appreciation for very big breasts. I think you'd make his day! he's a bit shy- but he's a wonderful young man/ I hope you're not a fake EP'er on here i found him but he doesnt know its me. his screename is thebreastmaster , thanks madam.