If I need to hold something, but I don't have enough hands, it goes between my breasts! I can hold any kind of cup (glass, plastic, bottle, can, etc) but not like a 2 liter or anything, haha. I can also hold in there my cell phone, note cards, writing utensils, hair brush, mousse, gel, keys, ID, money. Some of these things of course, like money and ID's and cell phones, almost anyone can hold, but some, most girls cannot. Also (of course) for the most part, wearing a shirt and/or bra makes it easier to hold things between my girls. When I was in high school, I played the piccolo my senior year for marching band and I could hold that there when I really needed to.

AND when I had baby kittens I could multi-task while holding them; I simply just placed the baby kitten between my breasts and off we went! Sure it left a scratch here and there, but nothing to worry about! :)
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mm nice i'd like to be held to hahaha

Awesom Awesom Awesom I love U'r freedom 2 use U'r Beautiful Breasts 2 there utmost potential & I'd love 2 see the !! Add me 2 U'r friends lise & lets chat some time ~ tnta69@ymail.com ..

Lovely story. I'd love it if you could put me between your boobs, I haven't had a women envelope me in her boobs for ages -- sigh.

Love your story! Lucky kitten...it must have nestled comfortably in the lovely warmth of your ample bosom;)

When lying down in bed my wife can get ny entire head between her H cup boobs, right over the ears and past the back of my head. I've almost suffocated in there more than once!

What a wild story. A purrring kitten between the boobs. Might almost be too warm. <br />
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See they can do far more than catch crumbs or the dentists arm :) One friend complained about her dentist using her boobs as a arm rest. <br />
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Ha that is awesome,it would be great to see a pic of you holding something between them.Something that most could never hold there.Just saying it would be cool to see.

That story definitely made me hard, thanks for sharing. Would love for you to check out my profile and pics and add me if you like. I would love to see more of you as well.<br />
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Thank you,<br />
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