" They're Like Extra Spare Pockets! "

Here's a brief list of things I can carry in between my boobs:

1) Spare change/money
2) Candy
3) Pens
4) Condemns
5) Thongs
6) Hairpins
7) Paper
8) A d!ck
9) Cellphone
10) Flashlight
11) Miniature Bible/book
  12) Hamster/ other small furry cute creatures                                            
                                                                                                                And Lots more!
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17 Responses Apr 16, 2011

Number 8 is my favorite! Yes please!

About #9: do you have it on vibrate?

That's very interesting what you can all store in between your probably huge breasts, but you shouldn't forget to take them out before you pass airport security :)


No, I actually meant the word pen- a writing utensil

Lol Ash!

LMFAO! Don't worry Ill get blamed for it Sunni!

eerrrrr...doggone! i didn't get here quick enough to delete...busted! **hides face in hands**

Ooooh I feel like I shouldn't be here right now. **giggles**

Lol shakes head

oh, you just wouldn't believe..... ^.^

I hope the ringer left off fast, else it wouldn't be very easy to make it stop ring there.

Lol, you got me beat with the church thing LMMFAO!

harharhar...but not in the frozen food aisle!! and we won't even talk about when that happened in church! :s

Lol, that has hapened to me too. Weird, I kinda like the vibrating sensation giggles

hhmmm...well, it might get a bit crowded but i always think it's a great place to keep stuff handy, too. recently i forgot i had the phone on vibrate+ring. you shoulda seen me digging to get it out...in walmart! i'm sure i'm on the wonderful wallyworld pix by now @-@

I can do about 4 items at a time!

separately or all at once? LOL!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
got muh phone in my bra right now ;)