Would Do It Again

When I was in my early thirties I had a friend I grew up with. We stayed close friends and hung out on occasion. He got married not long after me. He married an adventurous lady and I married a somewhat conservative one. One night he and I were alone shooting pool in his basement having a few beers. Not sure how the conversation started but he told me that his wife thought I was hot. I laughed it off. He kept bringing it up throughout the evening. Finally he told me he would not have a problem if I had sex with her. This shocked me at first. But I played it cool and just told him if she wasn't't his wife I probably would do her. Time went on. One day he called and asked for help with work on a car he was restoring. I went over and when I arrived his wife let me in but he was not home. She said he went to get some parts and would be back. She offered a beer and we sat and drank a cold one and talked. She had on a low cut top and tight shorts. She was a curvey women and I adore curvey women. She asked me if he told me that she thought I was hot and had fantasized about her and I having sex with me. I said yes. She then said it really would make us both happy if I did. She then went on to say that it would be a secret only between the three of us. The thought of ******* this sexy woman got me aroused and she knew it. She knelt down between my legs unzipped my shorts and struggled to get my already hard **** out, told me to stand up and my big **** smacked her in the face. She giggled and began to suck like a pro. Next thing I knew we were heavily ******* on the floor. I remember I had her legs spread wide and was watching her **** bobble as I was roughly pounding her wet *****. I heard the door open and my longtime friend came in. I stopped for a second and she wrapped her legs around me and told me not to stop. My friend said "No, No, don't disappoint her, keep going" So I did. I found myself so turned on by the fact that he was watching me **** his wife it was one of the most exciting sexual experiences I ever had. Her and I came together. When I pulled out he turned her over and licked her ***** from behind. I again got aroused and moved to her face and she sucked me off while he was licking all the juice in her *****. When it was all over we three sat there drank another cold beer and talked about how we needed to do that more often. And we did. Sadly his job caused him to relocate across the country. I would certainly entertain the idea of a similar experience if the chance ever came across again.
upinthelight upinthelight
46-50, M
May 18, 2012