How Can Somebody Just Turn Away From Those Who Needs Us The Most .

I was at this stop lights today . on the right side was a shop & save *grocery store* . it has been raining here for the last few days .
on the side of the store was this empty field .
I looked over there while sitting at the lights and noticed a lady in a wheel chair . stuck in the muddy field . i noticed people just driving by her in the parking area of the store . not even stopping to help . i turned into the store lot when the light turned green . drove over there and helped her out of the field . We started talking . she was telling me how it sucked to be in a wheelchair . that she couldn't work and she was on SSI and wasn't getting enough cash or help . so she decided to pick up soda cans for extra cash . how she got stuck and couldn't get out . she kept screaming for help . and nobody would help her out . how grateful she said that you came and helped . i said anytime and offered her a ride home . She said no thank you . i am waiting on a bus . even offered to give me money for helping her out . I refused and i waited there for the bus to come before leaving . we said goodbye . as i was leaving i was thinking to myself . how can people be so cold . to just walk away or drive away  from somebody who was nice like her .somebody who was down on her luck .
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thank you . i hate to see anybody in a situation like that .

You are so sweet!!!!!