Never Say "Psst...!"

Tell me one of your secrets. ;> I can keep it, for as long as you wish, and from whoever you want.

I'm not one of those ppl who can't lie or stay silent to keep a secret. I've seen too many ppl, in real life and on tv, who have squirmed under scrutiny and questioning [note: i am not refering to torture!] and revealed the secret. It's esp. despicable to me when they've been told that NOBODY can know, and they have SWORN to not tell anybody. Too many ppl have told me other ppl's secrets, and I think it's partly the reason why I don't trust anyone in my life with my real secrets.

And promises? Well...I'm definitely not one to break my word. I feel SO horrible if I don't do EXACTLY what I said I would do, so I usually phrase my promise carefully and clearly. The disappointment is hard to bear otherwise! Many ppl make casual promises, and though I used to truly believe that they would carry through, now I take a promise with a handful of salt. I think too many ppl make promises too casually today...

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1 Response Jul 24, 2007

I totally agree, especially with that last statement!