Being a Friend Means More!

I admit it, I don't mind gossip! And I can be a part of that whole thing, relating a story of "he said, she said".  :-/

BUT, I never spill secrets! EVER! If a person comes to me with a secret, a dark past, whatever... I will keep it SAFE! A person's friendship means more to me than enjoying a nice piece of gossip. It always have been the standard with me and always will. I have been asked to keep secrets, for years and years, and I'm still keeping them! Not even my best buddies know them and they never will! Unless those persons say it's okay... and they have to write it down and put their signature on it, releasing that info to the public. No, I'm not kidding! =p

But... here's the funny thing... I can't seem to keep my own secrets! Sooner or later, they all spill out! People who are close to me, they know EVERYTHING about me, and there is nothing left to hide. Philip and Sharon knows all of my secrets! So does Mike, Kendall, and my sister! But besides that... I am the gate-keeper of the private lives of my friends. And I'll die defending it! :-D

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Mar 20, 2009