Within Reason!

I can keep a lot of secrets of others. And I do! ;-)

The only secrets I refuse to keep is ones where a friend tells me plans that will harm themselves or others. Even if I am hated, I have to stop that friend at all costs! :-o

It's better to have an angry ex-friend, than a dead or hurt one. ;-)

But other secrets, I can keep my mouth shut on. BUT, as for my own secrets, I can't seem to keep them. I will blab about myself and have no or little shame in it! :-D

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I believe there are too few people today with integrity enough to keep another's confidence, and not betray their trust when given such trust. Like you, people confide in me their burdens and secrets. <br />
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Placing their trust in me, not to betray them is very significant to me. As the old saying goes; "I'll take their secrets to my grave." But, I wouldn't put my trust in another person like that, myself. I've learned too many lessons the hard way. My belief is; trust no one with anything that I would never want repeated.

I can keep a secret. I have never met anyone who can keep a secret as well as I can.