I'm Too Shy To Go Nuts, Haha

All the celebrities I have ever met in my entire life, I kept my cool. I didn't lose it, I didn't burst into tears of joy, I didn't freak out, I just... remained chill. That's not to say I wasn't screaming and doing cartwheels on the inside, I sure was, I just contained my ecstasy very wells. I would smile at them, hug them, maybe even laugh or giggle if they said something funny or something hilarious occurred during my meeting them, but I wouldn't go psycho on them, lol.

I met Sum 41 at the Screaming Bloody Murder after-party they had after their show and I was behind this tall guy in line who was next, but was waiting for his turn because the other guy who was in front of him was still with Sum 41. When that guy started shaking the band's hands, he figured he would be leaving then so he then turned to me and handed me his camera, having me take the picture of him with Sum 41 and offering to do the same for me since my turn was after his. He walked over to them, got his autographed album and finally, they all turn to me in position for the picture. I took the pic and the guy walked back to me to retrieve his camera. After he walked off to the side, I started walking over to the band and right when I was just a few steps away from them, I hear screaming and a loud bam a few feet to my right. It startled the heck out of me. I jumped backwards a bit, not having expected that. I turned to see two girls outside that apparently happened to be walking by, looked through the window and saw Sum 41 there, causing them to lose it and freak out and Nora standing next to them looking very startled herself, like she wasn't expecting them to walk by her and start freaking.

I turned back to the band and saw they were just waving at the girls outside except for Stevo, who was just looking over at me and chuckling. I guess he saw how they startled me and witnessed my leap backwards, lol. I just laughed and went right over to them, handed them the CD to sign and just talked a little bit before the guy took the picture. The whole entire time, I could hear the fireworks in my head. With any little touch, it was like a firecracker in my skin. I was ecstatic on the inside, clearly. But on the outside, I just... kept my cool. Didn't freak, didn't scream. I just relaxed and acted normally... Or as normal as I could be being me, I mean, lol. I don't know how some people can go nuts. I'm just too shy for that. I was blushing just acting naturally but I did a good job of not making it apparent or getting flustered. I played it off very well.

That's the way it was with most celebrities I met. I get excited, but it's not like me to freak out. I just keep my cool and relax.  It's not like me to make a scene.
deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
May 5, 2012