Courtesy Flush My *ss!!

Finally made it to the potty after having to wait because work had them out of order for a moment, a moment to long if you ask me. So there I am, and I flush, IT SOUNDED LIKE A SLEDGEHAMMER HIT THE TOILET shaking and rumbling under my ***! I was still on the damn thing, well barely at that point, I damn near fell off! So I courtesy flush, and that's the thanks I get?! The bejeeezus scurred out of me!

I have since composed myself and exited the restroom, only to sit here and laugh at myself.
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15 Responses Feb 22, 2011

Lol.. wees gon hafta work on ur stalker skills Joel

I can't believe I overlooked this one! funny as hell, as usual!!!

Garden.. I don't think so.. nunna ma coworkers complained of a smell.<br />
<br />
Mewold.. lol glad u get such joy out of my ****** experience

I go to this story when I need a good laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

you didn't get any on you did ya? lol

Rofl... mewold that's hilariously gross dude, i bet someone needed a shower after that. lol

That is so funny. I once had a toilet flush UP under me. It would have been funny, except I had already craped. EEEEEEUUUUUUUUU!

I'm ok Ford, but I think the toilet roll dispenser may need replacing *** it may be coming off the wall. I'd say I almost **** myself, but the term "almost" should be used loosely lmao

ROFLMAO!!!!<br />
*wipes laughter tear from eye*<br />
You ok there huh? ;-) hehe

Ravenge.. its ok, it was worth the good laugh

Em lol... ah helll nah girl, That second flush happened with me 5 feet away and using the sole of my shoe. similar to what we all do at walmart, lol.<br />
Bleed rofl.. speedball with **** eh? hahahaha, I got no response for that, but I luv it!!

OMG!! You have sooo cheered me right out of my funk today. You're like a speedball with ****!

HAahahahahah! "funny ****"!! The second flush shoulda cleaned yer bum then! ;D

That did end up being some funny ****

Please don't ever go away,....If I didn't get to laught ah you at least ten times a day I think I should die of boredom. :)