Shopping Cart Rage--Not

A rather successful outing today, decent parking, a working cart and plenty of room to move around, and it’s a good thing, as I had a lot to contend with over there this afternoon. Of course it helps enormously that I was in a great mood and I was not in a rush.
The first thing that happened was I encountered a woman in the produce section who was kind enough to offer me a plastic bag as she was getting one for herself. I thought this was a very considerate gesture, so since she was feeling affable I asked her of she wouldn’t  mind opening it for me too, as it is not so much the getting and tearing of the bag that presents the biggest challenge, but the actual opening of said bag. Then I asked her if while she was at it she wouldn’t mind throwing a couple of not-too-big apples in there for me as well. Laughs all around.

Then the seafood guy hit on me a little. That was amusing but I find that men are somewhat flirty in the supermarket, often, so it was not surprising, plus I smile at everybody and engage them when I am in a good mood and it must be tough standing behind the fish counter all day. More laughs.

In frozen food I caught a woman singing out loud and dancing to some song and she told me who it was, that I should look him up on YouTube and that I would not be disappointed (Billy Ray Kramer?) I believe she said. I only pretended to make a note of it because I didn’t particularly like the song as much as she obviously did, although she said John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote it. We danced a little. I saw her again a couple of aisles over and she was still dancing and she said that when they play music from the 5o’s that the whole place rocks. I wouldn’t have noticed that because I tend to tune that music out, but I know what she means because when they play tunes from the 8o’s I am the same way. We danced again. Still more laughs.
Then I ran into my friend from produce in the laundry aisle. She was the victim of an avalanche of something that came in a small light box and was positioned on the top shelf. She was rather short and had to reach for it in such a way that five of them came down instead of one. I had to contain my laughter at the slap-stick nature of the whole thing by turning my guffaw into an exclamation of surprise as I rushed in to assist her. I’m sorry, but reaching for something and having them come down and hit you on the head?—I really think you have to have a sense of humor about something like that, but I guess she used up all her affability in the produce section and had nothing more to give by the time she hit cleansers. Oh well.
If it had been my dancing friend we probably would have been in hysterics.
Checkout was a breeze and although I did in fact bag my own stuff out of necessity I was careful, and even managed to replace the bags at the end of the register as I used the last one, not something easily done if you are a non-employee, because if it is not done properly you could probably make someone else’s shopping experience unpleasant—especially if they are in a bad mood and in a rush.
Then to top it all off I had a really great time with a little game I like to play called shopping celebrity look-alikes. Donald Rumsfeld, (I instinctively avoided him), Kevin Kline, Florence Henderson, and Betty White were all there today.
I did not drop or break anything and I made it into the house in one easily-managed not-so-back-breaking trip. 
And I did not forget anything. 
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10 Responses Nov 7, 2011

Haha. A shopping partner! What a great idea!<br />
Thank you.

Another great story. I hate the grocery store but I think I would go with you.

Kevin Kline was looking fine in a navy blue turtleneck I might add. Is he still married? He was aloof though--no eye contact. My god--I AM a flirt!<br />
Well, since you're the expert on inappropriate laughter I will take your advice seriously; no more laughing out loud in the supermarket--NOT.

Alright Super Q! A shopping trip, no injuries, no fouls etc. Love your shopping stories. Geeat comedic style.<br /><br />

Now you guys have me thinking. I was painfully shy until the fifth grade. That's when everything turned more positive socially, although not with the opposite sex. That came MUCH later, and was never impressive. <br />
Maybe being overly friendly was my way of overcompensating for a disappointing home life. In any event, it has been a good thing, and I have brought my two daughters up to be the same way.<br />
I can see that now, how they learned to imitate me in public. It makes me proud.<br />
Now I attract all sorts of people to me and they do too. Interesting.<br />

Hey! It sounds like you really are a really good person! I'm guessing Avatarunknown is too--friendly.<br />
Oh god, I talk to everybody who smiles back at me. I had a friend once who stood next to me when we were out somewhere, slack-jawed, and he said, "How do you do that? How do you talk to complete strangers like that?" and I was like...<br />
what? <br />
I shared a ride in an Enterprise rental car pick-up with another man today and the driver and I chatted incessantly for the ten minute drive. The other passenger looked out the window and never spoke a word, even though we left quite a few relatively long pauses, and gave him ample opportunity. I don't know, I guess he just didn't have much to say. But I forget that often it is genuine shyness, so I covered for him-- long uncomfortable silences rarely happen around me. In fact, now that I think of it, I talk pretty much non-stop, given the opportunity. Hmm. <br />
Anyway, the other story I wrote here was about a terrible supermarket experience so I thought I would even it all out by sharing a pleasant one.

Loved your post!! I really enjoyed it.....sounds just like me. I engage and talk to complete strangers everywhere I go. Any store, where ever I go, if there's a commotion, I'm usually involved...haha. It just makes my day more interesting and fun...and I like to make people smile....come alive, out of their shell......and like "avatarunknown" said earlier, it just seems so wierd to me too, how we can be somewhere, engaged in the same activity, but yet we ignore each other.

Ha! Unknown, what a relief. <br />
For some reason I consider the whole experience exhausting at times, but, as Frank said, unlike the last time, this was rather pleasant. It is almost as if this time and the last time are the two extremes. Mostly it is uneventful. <br />
And I know the fish guy a little, he is the proprietor of another local shop and I am pretty certain he is married. Still, coming out from behind the counter and coming up to someone whose back is turned just to talk is flirting in my book. <br />
Then again, it could just be boredom on his part and wanting to say hi to an acquaintance and I am just too full of myself. That could be it too. Maybe I'm the flirt. It's entirely possible.

Now that was a fun trip to the grocery store. That is the way to enjoy your day and make even an errand into an adventure. So cool!

Hooray! Safe home with everything. Cup of tea to celebrate? <br />
I am glad to hear of others who talk to strangers in supermarkets...It always seems peculiar to me that we are all there engaged in the same activity, yet the convention is to ignore each other.