I Am So Ridiculous Sometimes.

I have a haphazard way about me sometimes. Growing up I got called butterfingers a lot. Clutzy, for sure. In any event, something will inevitably happen to me that is laugh-worthy. Not just funny, but hysterical funny. I was washing my face in the shower the other day using an exfoliating scrub with a medicated, menthol-ly base. "Rub in upward circular motion to get in all the pores" the dermatologist used to say. I caught my left pinky finger on my nostril and it went straight up my nose. Not just a little up there, either - like, oh my f*&$%ing god, my ENTIRE pinky finger is up my nose as far as it will fit. At first, I was like oh man, that hurt. I finished my shower with a tingling sensation goin' on. Blew my nose, giggling about the whole thing, and the more exfoliating beads that came out of my nose, the funnier I thought it was. The giggling woke up my husband, and I HAD to tell him what happened - through tears of hysterical laughter. I have to admit, though, that side of my nose did feel clean and refreshed the rest of the day. :)
Kelynys Kelynys
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1 Response Nov 23, 2011

Omg....this story is sooooo me. This would so happen to me...and I too would break out into fits of laughter!! Great post...it really made me laugh. Thanks so sharing the humour in your incident. It's somewhat comforting to know there are others out there like me....oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)