Self-preserving Defense Mechanism

If you have ever read one of my stories, you know that I have dealt with my share of demons in my life.  Yes, there are times when they bother me and get me down, everybody's does.  Why would I be any different.  Well, I like to think that I am.

I could name any one of hundreds of those demons, and have an instant reason to be depressed and withdrawn.  Since I have always prided myself in being the only one of my siblings that wasn't on anti-depressants until about 5 years, I choose to use laughter and silliness as my defense mechanism.  If I can make light of one of my reasons to be depressed, the mere action of causing another person to laugh till they are crying or about to wet their pants, is reason enough for me.  I think this has always been God's way of helping me deal with so much for so long.  And I know that God is behind it all, or I wouldn't be able to come up with some of the stuff I do, to make others laugh.

I recently took a pretty good fall in the mud in our yard outside our front door.  We have had so much rain that our yard was like a swamp.  My husband was out hunting, and I had been to town after a few groceries.  I was walking to the house from our truck and as I started down over our little bank in the yard, I hit a spot and went 'dancing', if you will, until I couldn't prevent it any longer.  Down I went, flat on my back.  I laid there for a couple of minutes, not sure if I should try to move or not.  When I finally did move, I was furious!!!  I wasn't hurt, but my new loaf of bread looked more like one slice, my bag of buns was broke open, and looked like dough nuts with chocolate frosting!!   And I imagined that I looked like some kind of mud covered raving lunatic, that was pissed over a loaf of bread.  Immaterial that I could've messed up a total hip replacement or ended up with broken bones.  I just stood there and laughed, because the only thing on me that wasn't mud covered was my bright pink crocs on my feet.  Then it dawned on me that my relatively new Mossy Oak purse was also mud covered!!  But, what the hell, I could stand, and walk, and I saved 5 out of 8 buns, it was still a good day.

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First let me say, I am so glad you were unharmed, and this is my first read of your stories.

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book

Thanks for sharing your sunshine! Loved your story.

Thank You for your comment and interest in my stories. I have alot of them, and not done yet. Hope you find something to help.

Love the way you tell a story. Laughing at a bad situation, does help place in the proper light of things.

Sometimes I think if I didn't laugh, I would cry. Big girls don't cry.