Living For The Moment

I have never ever got hurt when people have jokes which involve me,because that's when i have realized that i am such a wonderful sport.To take things lightly and yet laugh at it is not an easy task,especially when the topic inducing laughter is you.

It's been possible because i totally believe in living for the moment,spreading the laughter around.
To spread the laughter around,the best you can do is start with yourself.Life is too short to take things hard and cry like a baby about it.For once laugh it off and trust me you are going to feel a lot more lighter and nicer.

So dude laugh it off:)
Danny85 Danny85
26-30, F
3 Responses Jun 7, 2012

As long as its all in fun. It's different if they are serious, messing with you, or being cruel. <br />
<br />
I have noticed a lot of people are the opposite, so I tend not to kid around with them. I use to not be as preceptive as to how my jokes affected people. Maybe sometimes I still am not? Sarcasum is not easily understood and often misconstued.

so true,because not everybody takes things lightly,so we need to be careful.It's like always treading on the dangerous path:)

So true guyzz:)

Lovely comment! The best thing you can do is develop enough self confidence and assurance that you can laugh at yourself : ) x