Fell Right On My Face

When I was in grade six I was walking to school with the boy I liked (who may I mention is currently my boyfriend). We were talking about something that we had to do in class that day, when suddenly we hit some ice. We live in Canada, this isn't a big deal we just kept walking and then I hit a patch and fell on my face. My nose was bleeding and I was almost in tears laughing so hard. Lucas was standing but his knees started to shake and he fell on his knees cracking the ice and causing us both to fall in. We laughed so hard then walked the rest of the way to school where we discovered I had a broken nose. We had to go home. Every Christmas we tell this story and laugh.
Canadianwithirish Canadianwithirish
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1 Response Jun 24, 2012

Lol that story made my day! ^^