It Shows What Sort Of Person You Are

It's all part of life in my opinion I always do things on a daily basis that make me laugh at myself. if you can't laugh at yourself then I think that you are missing out on something in life. I often find that people who can not do this can also not accept to be criticized I actually enjoy laughing at myself we have all got faults and sometimes do stupid things so sometimes it's best just to laugh it off it sometimes makes life easier to bare.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2012

I like finding old stories! And this one is sooo true! :)

I have been away from EP for a few months so I have not written any new stories yet but I will get around to it.

LOL. I noticed! Iwas fixing to come over to your white board and tell ya long-time-no-see! ;) That's ok. YOU have plenty of old stories to keep folks busy for a while! :)

That's true lol