I Just Have To Laugh, Or Die Of Embarrassment

Ok, so I have this little inappropriate crush on a man I know. He works/owns one of the local shops I visit. Yesterday, I shopped there and left a package on the counter accidentally (I swear!) . Well then I go 2 stores up to get something else and he comes in very quietly and stands beside me and just as he opens his mouth to tell me he's bought me my forgotten package, I realise somebody is very close to me, and it's him. I yelp, jump backwards, crash into a counter then proceed to practically throw my purse contents at him - all the while he's trying to make a speedy getaway out the door, and I'm scrambling around on the floor chasing coins that are rolling away!!
I can't believe how I've just acted like a complete fruitloop so I start laughing, I wish I had had someone else with me to laugh at me too!! I have had to learn to laugh at myself because if I took myself too seriously, I'd be in a mess with the amount of times I manage to make myself look like a complete crazy person!
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Sep 21, 2012