Okay I admit it- I seem to attract so many situations where I clearly  have a choice to sit and cry or laugh and make a witty comment. Last week was full of such incidents. I list the most recent one here-

I am sitting in the cafeteria with friends and a friend of friend (why do these people consider friend of friends as friends..?? Not a good logic!) arrives there and takes the liberty to comment on my hair.

I should not forget to mention I had a good hair cut and was very happy about the positive comments from almost everyone.

so her comment:" hey sam! (pointing out a white hair to me) you got older now or you were old long back!"

my reply: I grew old when I was in 10th grade. What to do.. sometimes too much wisdom just shows. (*a big sarcastic smile*)

And everyone laughed!!



tenderfoot1 tenderfoot1
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2009