And I Appreciate Others...

who can also laugh at themselves.

Now, people who take themselves too seriously, REALLY crack me up!

I know sometimes I do stupid things, or say the wrong thing at the wrong time.


Life is to be enjoyed, even the stupid, silly little things.

And yes, sometimes I laugh to keep away the bad feelings and memories that like to linger and visit from time to time.

I laugh at my own faults and flaws.

I have read some Psych texts when I was in school that 'claim' laughing at oneself is a defense mechanism..


If that IS the case, I believe it is a HEALTHY defense mechanism.

I am not laughing at myself so I won't feel bad when others are laughing at me, I'm usually laughing with THEM!

I KNOW I'm an idiot and do dumb sh**.

It's part of me!

I love it!

People full of self-importance just mangle my brain.

Like the supposed self-proclaimed King and Queen of EP. Ugh... PLEASE!!!

This is EVERYONES site, and MOST are a great contribution to this site. But, I laugh when I read their little posts to each other, although with a Minor in Psych and years of life experience in the field, it's hard not to call the Queen out.

Ugh... sorry, I digress from my story, but I went to bed last night with that on my mind and it has lingered all day.

Clearly I am addicted to EP! LOL!

And I laugh about my EP addiction too!

I am human, I am flawed and chipped and rumpled but it's all good.

Lighten up people and laugh!

Light and Peace!!! ;)

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1 Response Nov 4, 2009

This totally explains me. :D