Being A Knucklehead Can Pay!

A friend called in for a cuppa on his way home from work. We were in the kitchen chatting, and I excitedly showed him what I had bought that day. A tub of salsa, some sour cream, and a special container for 'baking' potatoes in the microwave. "Guess what I'm having for dinner?" I said, hoping to make him jealous. His head was swivelling from side to side, he seemed to have lost something...."What?" I asked. "You haven't got a f**king microwave!" I grabbed my head and "****!!!".

He turned up the next day with a gift for me. A brand new microwave. He said it was worth every cent, it was the best laugh he had in years. That was 8 years ago, I still have the microwave, and he is still chuckling about it.

Soozles Soozles
46-50, F
Feb 7, 2010