How To Lick Your Elbow

There is only one way. I will tell you how, and if you can, you're a freak too.

(first of all, your elbow is the pointy thing at the bend of your arm, in case you didn't know that.)

Requirements: A fairly long neck, a long tongue (you don't have to be able to touch your nose; i can't), and a shoulder that could somehow get... dislocated might be the word, I don't really think it's like that though. If you are able to touch your right ear with your right hand while your arm is behind your head and under your chin than you probably can do it. Last of all, you need an elbow (your own, please, do not go around licking people's elbows)

1) You CANNOT lick your elbow if you put your arm across your chest. Don't try it. If you do that your elbow is farthest away from your tongue. To get your elbow nearest your tongue, you need to bend your arm so you can grab your shoulder. It should be simple, and if you're in pain you're either doing it wrong or you need to see a physicist.

2) Grab the outermost part of your elbow and push back so your shoulder slides back. Angle your shoulders like this: / (just not so slanted)

3) Strain your neck forward so that your mouth is close to your elbow.

4) Push your tongue out as far as it goes and twist it so that it can touch your elbow.

Ta-da! If you didn't do it, that's okay. Who wants to be a freak anyway?

Here's an example of a fellow freak doing it:

ASGPwriter ASGPwriter
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I love these instructions! :D
(The description of where your elbow is made me laugh far too much - thank goodness I'm alone at the moment!)
I can't actually do it myself, but my boyfriend is able to do it somehow. Though I think it's from him having a longer than average neck rather than to do with flexibility. :P