A True Story

Today I met a guy who is consumed by love, He is married to a woman that wants to break free. She has cheated on him before and he has forgiven her for the sake of his children (and himself).  Now she is seeing a gay guy as friends however she talks about him like it is her true love.  My gut feeling is that she is trying to push her husband away and leave however she is too scared to confront him. Instead she .constructs this charade to force him to leave her. The reason I bring this up is because I wonder if his love for her is destroying them. When I say "love" I dont mean unconditional love. His love is full of conditions and rules but no matter how strong it is, they are falling apart. It pains me to hear his brave attempts to remain in control. I love him as a friend yet I fail to connect to him too. For the first time I have noticed that my friendship to him is not unconditional. As a true friend I must start to do what I preach and give him the support he needs. The reason I am cold is not because of him but because I fail to forgive and put conditions on the love I want to give him.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

If your his friend, help him, simple, unconditional.