Pee Urgency Scale: 1 - 10

Pee urgency scale from 1 - 10



1- "I really don't have any bladder urgency, I could hold it for hours yet."

2-"I don't have much of a bladder urgency just yet, I can only feel if I press down hard and I could hold it for hours."

3-"I still don't have much of a bladder urgency and can only feel it if I press down a little, could still hold it for hours."

4-"I don't have too bad of a bladder urgency but can now first start to feel it on it's own. Can still hold for hours."

5-"I have a moderate bladder urgency and can feel it on it's own, can hold it for a fair ammount of time."

6-"I might want to find a bathroom about now, can hold for a couple more hours still."

7-"Bladder urgency is starting to get pretty bad, I might start to squirm. Can maybe hold it for another 1-2 hours."

8-"Bad bladder urgency, I am squirming and crossing of legs may occur. I might be able to hold it in for another 30-60 minutes."

9-" I have got to find a restroom NOW! I already have hit some spurts and am squriming, crossing legs, holding self doing whatever to hold it in, I really don't think I can hold it in much longer. I can just feel it, I am at my last few seconds. It HURTS!!

10-" This is it!! my last few seconds! AHHHHHH!! Now that felt good to let it all out and all but I had now SOAKED myself!


Thank you guys ( and gals) for reading, please post your number on the comments page below. Note: I love making these scales, and by the way i'm about a 7 right now, still holding!;)

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2010

Between 8 and 9 I think. Trying hard to hold for a few more minutes.!

I'm between an 8 and 9...I have to go really bad right now and trying hard not to leak!

I'm at 7,5 right now, though I can't hold it for hours, I need to use minutes ;-)<br />
I found another scale that goes from 1-20, and is for people who enjoy holding (at least after 10 it does). That is the best scale I've found, though this is the second best! Enjoy your hold!

Please make some of these scales or similar ones for this group, thanks!