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Hey all experience projecties!
So im hoping to get some advice on this subject. Im stubborn, and im working very hard to not be so much anymore considering that it is not always a good thing. Heres the deal, I have argued with my parents many times about me being able to date girls openly. Not bringing them home to meet the whole family because the last thing I wanna do is cause a heart attack. Im wondering what I could do to help them understand my predicament. I understand that they cannot condone my lifestyle because it is against their morals, but is there a way that I can help them understand that I'm not pushing it on them? I have already accepted that once Im out on my own I will beable to do as a please and they know that I wont change. This is progress, but I want to look at all my options and I want to make it clear that I'm not looking for a quick fix to this. These things take time; what Im trying to do is make it easier on my parents by approaching the situation like an adult. Besides, 2yrs is quite a long time and maybe something could change their minds. You never know till you try right? So I'm reaching out, any advice would be helpful and I would love to hear from anyone with or without experience with this sort of situation! preferably the older demographic but anything will help :)
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What they don't know won't hurt them;) I guess it's the best solution for keeping the balance between family and love life. I know it sounds gutless but usually being totally open with family about your romantic relationships is umm....kind of impossible. I know you dont want to let them down but it's your life you shouldnt give up on your feelings to just make them pleased. Once I tried...(my dad is definitely not fond of my tats and he loves expressing his displeasure) it didnt work it just caused more "pretense".<br />
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So share your emotions and relationships with them but please dont make them get involved;) Key word is "Safe Distance";)