Bi And Gay Guys ************

Are there any Bi or Gay men on EP who do not wear panties to ********** or have sex? Seems like they are the only ones I run into on EP. Even those who say they're straight are into wearing panties for sexual activity. Even though I'm a bearded sissy I'm not into this. I'd be interested in hearing from any other men interested in mutual J/O or oral sex not in panties, diapers, or scat.
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I like white briefs to, like the way I look in them

Hooray, another man who likes white briefs!

Not into cross dressing, prefer looking at myself in mirror with snug holey pants on. Rare occasions of shorts, underwear or speedo.

I do enjoy wearing mens white briefs and am turned on by guys wearing them too.

I like to watch shemale DVDs and put a pair of silky panties around my **** and go at it. Also recently bought a 6.5" ***** and sit on it while J/O into panties. I fantasize that I'm sucking shemale **** or being ****** by one!!!

I'm a gay **** and *** addict. I ********** regularly and love mutual wanking sessions and sucking ****. I prefer to be naked as often as possibly. I'm definitely not into panties, diapers or scat although I do like to see a big hard **** poking out of the end of short shorts.

anal ************ too ?

I don't want anything up my ***, sorry. I go for oral sex or j/o.

Can I wear my butt plug ?

Be my guest. Whatever turns you on!

a **** fight !

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I totally agree with your thoughts man.

Ditto, don`t understand it !!