My Mind Is Too Confusing.

There is always all these thoughts buzzing around my head and I end up forget a lot of what I'm think. I think so much in such a short space of time... a lot of the time I'm not even fully aware what I'm thinking. I just seem to zone out and then all this rubbish comes into my head.

Then sometimes I just think things and they are just so.. personal and I don't really want to say them aloud.

Most of the time I don't really say what I'm thinking... my friends know I don't but they don't seem to mind. I wish they would try to get me to talk a bit more though.. I know they're like respecting my privacy and stuff I guess.. but sometimes I feel a bit guilty though for not being as open as some of them are and for not telling them things that maybe they should know... My best friends tell me so much more than I tell them. It makes me feel so bad.

BrokenAngelWishes BrokenAngelWishes
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 24, 2009

thats how i am too and when you do finally talk u feel like maybe u said too much or went on too long.