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Done With Dirty

My mom said she never made us clean our rooms because they were our rooms and we should have them the way we want them. Derr thanks. So after we left my father the house turned into a pig sty, no really, if you dug around enough you might have been able to find a pig somewhere. At one point we had 2 dogs, 11 cats (2 females had kittens), and a ferret. The only time we did dishes was to wash the dishes we were going to use right then, then we'd put them back on the pile. My brother and I did have fun seeing who could shove the biggest serving spoon in our mouths. lol I was old enough to have been better, but I didn't. When I was 15 we moved and that place stayed pretty clean. My room would get messy, but not extremely bad. Now if I stay at someone's house and their bathroom sink is all cruddy where I'm trying to brush my teeth it makes me want to puke.
chiamonkie chiamonkie 26-30, F Apr 5, 2012

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