Might Not Be Able to Tho Not Sure 100%

i'm not 100% i never will, but it's more i had someone love me once and she TOTALLY accepted me and i know loved me more than anyone else ever did, and though it didn't work out we stayed friends, and i measure EVERYONE against her. i have no hard feelings towards her at all, but it's just that i know i am NOT going to take what i would have given her and give it to ANYONE else. even as a friend she still gives me love that i know is more than most anyone else would give even in a relationship. 

i sort of push people away, mostly since perhaps we didn't stay together long enough for me to find any faults with her, and so of course almost nobody is going to compare. 

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

There will come a time when you will not be satisfied being a puppy to this girl. Call this harsh but it is true. If you choose to have no one else in your life then that's on you and YOU'RE the one missing out. She will move on if she hasn't already. Don't do this to yourself. People have a tendency to give their mates such power and control over them without realizing it and I see this with you. The relationship didn't work out for whatever reason and you seem to be TRYING to hold onto something that's just not there. YOU'RE going to continue hurting YOURSELF if you don't change what you are doing. Don't sell other women short. This girl isn't perfect and you are NOT with her. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!