Can't Stop Learning

Foreign languages. Need I say more? I love to learn foreign langauges. I started with my first word which was in Spanish. However, my native languauge is English with Spanish very close behind it. Though I can't fully speak any language besides English fluently I work very hard so that I can. In the previous year as a freshman in highschool I took Japanese. I studied the entire summer before school to impress the teacher. Of course I ended up whimping out on my chance to shine during open house at school. Japanese was such an interesting language to learn since I'm so very much into the culture. I moved before the end of the school year and I couldn't continue taking Japanese. Now, I search among many websites to learn and my friends back at my old school help too. Next semester I take French, I already know a few sayings and a couple of words. Next I plan to learn Russian. Then possibly Italian and mabye Arabic since I do find their form of writing very beautiful and well just interesting. I would very much love to learn Chinese too. Though it may be very difficult but, I'm willing to overcome anything to learn a new foreign langauge.  My mother's second languauge is Russian. I guess I get my knack for learning languages from her and, also possibly my love for foreign foods lol. She knows Spanish (her native langauge) Russian, English, some French, a little Italian, some words in Arabic and Hebrew and Japanese that she's learned from me. Over the years though her knowledge of russian has faded away and desperatly tries to remember. I did get very bored of Spanish over the years from my entire family being Hispanic always speaking Spanish. Now, since I live where I do now (Florida) my interest of Spanish has come back. I'll be working on it from the help of my friends. I guess I'll never get tired of learning new foreign languages.

gummibear gummibear
18-21, F
Oct 28, 2006