I Miss Learning Frenc...

 I miss learning french at G.C.S.E. I still try and use it randomly nowadays but normally find that it has deteriated so I can't string a sentance together.

 I would like to learn latin or continue french. I think any language is worth learning - aslong as it sounds nice. Have no interest in German. Have no issues with German people, just their language kinda sucks.

tomgirl36 tomgirl36
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 20, 2006

You'd be surprised about the German language... Until I spent a while studying it I was convinced it's an ugly, coarse language... It slowly turned out to be a language with an amazing capacity for beauty and gentleness, and in some ways I like it more than English (though I can't express myself as well in German as I do in English. Yet.)