i can never stop thinking . my brain goes constantly.  i believe its the reason i have insomnia. it just never shuts down. i need to turn it off sometimes!

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What do you think about all the time?<br />
I have the same problem of thinking all the time and I didn't used to. Or at least I was not aware of it.<br />
Maybe we can identify some same characteristics?<br />
-I have a logical mind that requires me to ponder examine things on my own before I am really able to accept ideas. <br />
-I have gone through a family break up and I think guilt plays a role in this for me.<br />
-I feel like I exhibit some Bi-polar tendencies, but people tell me I seem normal to, sometimes I feel on top of the world and sometimes I am tired, bored, unmotivated and distant.<br />
<br />
Anyway, the book The Power of NOW, WILL help ANYONE deal with never ending thinking patterns.<br />
The reality of living in your mind is like jail. Whenever your mental process becomes in charge of you........NOTICE that it is happening and move your focus from your mind to your breathing and all of your senses. Really TRY HARD to sense all of your senses at the same time. See, hear, smell, taste and touch all at the same time. See your surroundings, listen to your environment, smell your environment, observe the taste inside your mouth and feel your body being completely still. Putting all your attention to your senses, robs your mind of the attention that you always give it.

You are right i need to shut down once in awhile-thanks

Its better to think than not think at all its what your thinking about that matters if something is really bothering you than you will keep thinking about it .

Thanks for the comment!

My husband has that problem. I ask him to put his brain on vacation for awhile because he's driving me crazy. He talks to me about what he's thinking.

thanks guys

I'm the same way sometimes. It's frustrating!

hi flourlady.. sorry to hear that. but you are not alone i am the same.. so don't feel bad. someday, we will be sleepy.. Hehehe.. ^_^ Hugs*

Although there are many possible solutions for help, I found professional help for a sleep disorder worked the best for me. It made it possible to begin and stregnthen my use to develope more natural ways.

At the corner shop I frequent in the morning Mr P is trying to teach me meditation. I have tried, but my brain keeps goings off the subject, even if it is only to concentrate on breathing. Before I realize it all the troubles are rumbling around again. He is patient with this new student of his. He is teaching me the oum's of Hindu prayer and I have hope. He says it starts with a second, and next time it's more, and then more. He is a good teacher. O-U-M. Too much to explain in a comment. I hope that you look into it. Love you Four!

dont you wish there was an off switch!?!?!

I think it's better than not thinking at all :)