My Homewrecker Revenge...

This letter is about M. Broadbent, aged 29 years. She is single mother of a 8-9 year old boy, in Mississauga, Ontario. She is formerly of ******** *****, in Ontario. I'm hoping that you know her; I'm counting on it. It is my intention to let you know who and what M. Broadbent is.

I am the mother of three small boys, aged 12, 9 and 2. I have been with my common law husband now for 13 years. Each of my boys hangs on his father's every word. Between us, we make a good living, carry a mortgage, own two cars, a cat and a dog. It was a good life.

Assuming M. Broadbent is your daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter or niece - I want you to know that you have so much to be proud of. She quite deliberately and maliciously set out to sleep with my husband...and she did; several times this year. She absolutely knew who I was, and that we were together and she absolutely knew our children.

A few years ago, my husband's best friend befriended M. Broadbent (who already had quite the reputation). I was always civil and polite, but I did not go out of my way to take her in. I advised our friend that he shouldn't take her too seriously as she slept around, had no income and was rather meddlesome. (All facts, I assure you). Our friend had just broke up with his long term girlfriend of 6 years and M. Broadbent was her "friend" as well...she wasted no time making her moves. (this is why I warned him to take it slow). In any case, they never did become serious and I suppose M. Broadbent never got over that.

So, she set out to prove me wrong, and wait for it....slept with my husband!

She even borrowed her roommate's van and drove over to my home and had sex with my husband in the parking lot of my complex while my three small children slept unawares. (This was not the first time she was with my husband either).

This is all fact - I am not in the least bit concerned about libel or slander or defamation of character -- (of which she has none by the way).

I spoke with M. Broadbent on November 20th, 2010 over the phone and she proceeded to tell me that I made this easy for her to not care about my family because I split her and my husband's friend up, some 2 years earlier. I didn't. He and I were friends for 14 years (still are), and I'm glad he was spared. He was in a bad way after the break-up with his ex. I wish someone had spared me.

M. Broadbent played softball on my husband's team every Sunday this past summer. Most of our male friends play on this team. She has moved on to sleep with at least 3 other teammates. (All friends by the way)...

She claims to be working now, but her major source of income for years (at least 8), was Welfare. Yes, welfare...while she drives her car, lives in a townhouse, owns a pet pig, and a pet snake, takes her son to hockey and screws other women's husbands.
So, I guess its fitting: that hard working, honest women such as myself should pay for her worthless, disrespectful, disgusting, loose lifestyle.

I want you all to know that in spite of what she says, she is NOT sorry. She spoke about being a "homewrecker" – (her words), on her Facebook page. Who does something like this and brags about it?

Well, she's changed her phone number now, - ask her why? Her roommate has moved out - ask her why? Softball season has started and she's not on the team - ask her why?

My husband and I are finished. I couldn't be with someone after he's been with the Village Bicycle (everyone gets a ride). I wouldn't use a toilet after her.

My children are suffering, their grades slipping. I'm on anti-depressants trying to split our assets in half. Our entire family knows...and while I have done nothing wrong, I feel the shame in all of this - even when M. Broadbent does not. I see what my boys are going through and I can't erase this pain. We did not deserve this.

I struggle with the injustice of all this. Somehow, I have to accept that people like your M. Broadbent can do whatever they want - purposely and maliciously...with a reckless disregard for the people they hurt. Self righteous, *****.


What is the lesson in all of this? What am I supposed to say to my boys - that they should grow up and look for girls like her? There should be consequences for destroying lives like this. We are suffering and she's off screwing the next guy.

If you don't know M. Broadbent, please accept my apology and know that this letter was written out of immense pain.

If you do know M. Broadbent, please accept my apology. I wanted you to know what she's done. IF she had any shame, she would turn her life around. It's not likely though -she's a ***** and everything wrong in her life is someone else's fault.

I will never forgive either of them, and I will never forget. This letter was written hoping you wouldn't either.

Footnote - to her parents:

You should rest assured that every word of this is true. I should mention the picture she posed for clad only in her bra and panties - spread eagle on a desk at my husband's work. Very Classy daughter you have there...I found it on his phone.

M. Broadbent: I will apologise the same way you did: You made this easy for me to not care about your family when you jumped on his ****.

You should have listened when everyone told you about my morals, values and character. I was the wrong person to do this to.
Homewrecked Homewrecked
31-35, F
Dec 11, 2012