On Ep

I feel so ed on EP

Everyone thus far has been so very kind and shown a genuine interest in becoming my friend; offering me some great advice along the way. And I don't understand why...

I am not special or abnormally interesting  but I feel very blessed...

And to all my EP friends I say: thank you!
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
25 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Ya, EP is pretty awesome!

No you didn't!!!!!!!!!!!! :P You're just tricking me again..you're an expert at this<br />
<br />
Do you like to confuse me??? haha

did so!

Hahhaa no you didn't :P

I knew you would say that!


nope... so sorry.

That you are going to have meatballs for dinner again!!!!!!!!!!! :) yes? No?


Uh huh! Want me to tell you what you're thinkin'?

-_- dang you good!

Yes way.......I can read your mind :P and know what you're thinking..lol

What?! no wai!

hahah I'd knew you'd say that


@ HedgeHippie Thank you, you are so very kind :)<br />
@ Arorin I always speak the truth ;)


Aww well you definitely have it too!!

You would be surprised how many people dont have it, but it is just one of those things that is so great everyone wants it. It is the important thing.

But that's something everyone has......

I am not being nice. That is what people want in a friend.

Aww thank you :D <br />
<br />
See what I'm saying???? EVERYONE IS SOOOOOOOO NICE

That does make you special. What else could I ask for in a friend?

Of course (I hope lol) but that doesn't make me special...I think everyone does that

you love and care for your friends dont you?