I have very oily skin and I recently discovered that because I would condition my hair after washing my body, that contributed to my shoulders and chest breaking out. I never knew that conditioner was the culprit. However, when I condition my hair (now I do it before washing my body) it never seems to all come out. I have to use a good bit because I have big hair. After I rinse and rinse, I ring it out and twist my hair into a ball on top of my head. But I'm terrified the oil from the conditioner still remains and its gonna get on my shoulders and cause another breakout ugh!
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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

Little tip: If you wash your hair and condition, all of it is out if your hair squeeks when running your finger through a strand. Have you tried childrens leave in conditioner or go to www.YvesRocher.com, their products are natural and leave no residue. Best stuff ever!xxx