I Can Not Be Around People

When I am around people I get sick.

And this last for days.

I get head ackeys and get sick and land in bed for days.

I get weak.

I don't know .

The noise is to much for me .

I don't understand why my body does this .

It makes me sick.

I have to sleep and sleep to make this to go away.

It gets to much for me.

It has all ways done this.

And I wanted to do things.

And if I do .

Then I have to pay the prices and stay in bed for days.

I can not go out untill I am better and it is sad that I go through this.

People don't understand.

But it is one thing I don't under stand either.

I have gone through this all my life.


bronica bronica
51-55, F
2 Responses Jul 27, 2009

Thank you for telling me that I will go and see if i can get some pills for that.<br />
I hate been by myself .<br />
thank you for telling me.<br />
<br />

hi Bronica. i sympathise with you. you could have social anxiety disorder. there are medications that can help so much. you should see a doctor if you can. i wish you all the best.