I Can Not Believe You Can Do Me This Way!

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and share some very personal experiences, and develop what you thought was an exclusive understanding, and unbreakable bond based on common experience, and the unfortunate results stemming from them.Thats my Story, this is my Reality, I was in a relationship for 4yrs. I am realistic so i will admit it was not perfect, we had our share of bumps and rough patches, but we always had an established underlining bond that we based on our relationship on. Trust and being there for one another through thick and thin, something we both have EXPERIENCED and been the victim of. From day one our relationship was not based on finances, or anything else sacrificial, we just wanted to be together and fill in the gaps around us. We figured we have the American dream. INFINITE amount of love and admiration from someone who wouldnt mind staying in a hotel room or a mansion driving a bmw or taking a cab, as long as WE had One another. Suddenly just a month ago all this changed, or maybe it was always there but my love and her disguise made it hard for me to see. I was blindsided when i find out that, My BESTFRIEND has decided to maximize a situation to justify her being interested in someone else. I had to find out through letters that an incarcerated "Cousin" turns out to be some child hood family friend whom she obviously been head over heels for since they were children. Her reconnection with him led to the disappearance of the warmth in her heart towards me. She became cold spiteful distant everything we said we would never be Because if it got to that point we would rely on our established bond and be open to atleast salvage a friendship.She basically started to rekindle her relationship with him and pushed me away purposefully to make room for her new friend whom she proudly claims she is DATING? Does she remember what we had? how can she be so insensitive and Caught up in a moment when ive sacrificed and compromised just as much? Child hood crush are you serious? How can you throw away reality for fantasy? something that is for something that might be? You move on and you can add fuel to your reason to justify your WRONG. but i hope you know one thing, You have made an indent in my ability to love someone to its full potential because every time i look in there eyes and i feel like were sharing a deep moment together, you will always seem to appear from the depths of my vulnerable moments and constantly remind me What it could be, but where it may lead to. If i was just a chapter in your life you literally have ripped the pages out. I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU COULD DO ME THIS WAY.
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We all just want someone to love us. Sometime we love people all at different degree and level. Realizing that you held a higher degree of love for her than she did for you but she did love you too. I know it hurt but I'm sure there was a time when someone else held a higher degree of love for you then you did for them too. If that haven't happen yet that doesn't meant it won't. Treasure the the beauties of that short truest moments of your life with her, grief for your lose and hope for the future cause we all wanted to be love by someone. I'm sure there will be someone coming your way and it is just a matter of when. She won't be the last. Grief if you must but be brave, open your heart so love could get in when it does come to you. Love is never meant just for one person only. As human, you are the greatest love that life produce. You heart just need some excercise sometime and it working wonderfully. Love always.