The Mystery Of Gravity

Gravity, the most elusive of the four forces that bind the universe capitvate me and its totally a mystery of this universe. Out of all them, without a proper comprehension of gravity, we lose our grasp of understanding the other three forces, which are electromagnetism, strong nucleur , and weak nucler force. We all know now gravity works at the macro level, with relatively large distances. Newton deduced from logic that objects falling down to earth also also projected outward into space, as a result of gravity. I would give him credit in explaining gravity as a force that pulls objects inward at ever increasing distances, and the balancing force that pushed the moon outward, forces the moon to circle the earth.

           This theory has many drawbacks. One major problem with the theory, gravity and mass form a direct reciprocal relationship, with one another. In order for einsteins theory of gravity as well as newtons, the mass of an object must be proportional to the number of gravitrons. No one ever measured them directly with any known method we know of.

        Big problem, all the other forces we have an understanding to harness its energy directly. Gravity acts as a steady force emitting energy steadily for an infinite amount of time. With the nucleur forces, the entire mass could be converted to energy with the following equation, E=MC^2. Theoretically, if someone who a capabilty somehow to harness gravity as an energy source would be able to extract an infinite or a huge amount of energy that if you were fill this page with 0's, it will be hundreds of pages. This is a fundemental problem, and through my intuition gravity acts as the fabric of our universe.


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wow, this is so interesting! I love your explanations of these things. :)

Energy consists of only four forces, gravity, electromagantic, small nuclear force and large nuclear force. Our lack of understanding of gravity prevents us from comprehending the other 3 forces in our universe. Plus they could easily be another elusive force that has yet to be discovered. But I like to ask you does the force of gravity decrease with time.

Newton was brilliant.

Hm! makes me wander