I Just Can't

I don't believe I can fall in love simply because I'm just unreachable emoitionally.  So much stuff has happened to me and so much stuff continues to happen to me.

I'm also afraid that the "things" that bother me will scare whoever I try to fall in love with away.  I couldn't put my burdens on someone like that.  I've never had a boyfriend or even a really close friend because I don't think I can really tell them what's going on with me without them thinking I'm a nut case.

So a life of solitude is what I lead.

ImNotGood ImNotGood
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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I understand your feelings, i'm practically have the same difficulties. perhaps the worst is loving unwisely and i paid a high price...and i'm still paying for it.

Welcome to nut-case-ville! I will be your host today ! I too am a nut-case and we still all need love!

Well....honestly sometimes, but most of the time no.<br />
I do have a boyfriend and he's pretty awesome and very patient.

Hi there. I know exactly how you feel, for I go through these too. I feel I can never love, have a girlfriend or will never marry because I have some "insecurities" that will only embaress the other.<br />
But don't swet it! :) Its always night before sunrise, no? If someone really loves you, and I'm sure you'll find him soon enough, they'll like you even with your troubles. Have a great day!