I Dont Know If Im Straight Or Not

hi, i am kayla and im a gymnast
i want to share an experience about me and another girl i met at a gymnastics meet when something happened between us

the meet was almost over and we were having a handstand contest and i couldnt keep my balance so i was walking to her and she was walking to me
then our feet bumped into each other and we panicked so we tried to push each other away and then she fell and walked away and than i fell too

i didnt meet her again until we saw each other in the changing room and we somehow got straigt mad at each other even though we didnt know each other and when everybody left we stayed and we did a handstand contest with just the two of us to see who was better

i wanted to win again of course but then she started to kick me with her feet and we started to kick and push each other and then we stood with the soles of our feet together trying to push each other away

i was really mad at her but i got exited when we touched sole to sole just like the handstand contest i dont know how to describe it actulaly
when we touched like that we both calmed and we werent fighting anymore and i didnt know why i wasnt mad anymore and when we relaxed our feet slipped off each other and we fell between each others legs

i know its very weird how it happend but it really hurt when our crotches touched and i thought i was bleeding but it was just wet and she was wet too

i am trying to be as honest as possible because that way i think i can get the best help

i dont think im a les but it was really weird can you help me?
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

don't worry about it so much. Time will tell what sexuality you are. It might have just been a thing.